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Classes are held on
Tuesday (M.S. and H.S.) or Wednesdays (Elementary)




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Dear Homeschooling families,

In this day of homeschooling options, we think you have probably not seen anything quite like HomeLink. This program started right here in the Yakima Valley in 1996 with the purpose of assisting parents in quality home schooling. Since our onset, we have grown and improved, but our vision stays the same: to design an education program that ignites students' passion for learning, to train and advise parents as they home school, to strengthen the family unit, and to set an example of excellent and creative education for every single student we work with.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere where students feel welcome and comfortable. Our classes are small enough that we can connect and care for every single individual. It is our aim to be available, helpful, and timely with parental/advisor communication. We are here for you.

April Thome






HomeLink, is a home school advisory program that assists parents and independent study students as they work through their individual courses of study.
  • We provide and model motivational techniques through
    • Classroom strategies
    • Workshops for parents
    • Books that we promote
    • Advisor training
  • We train and advise parents through
    • Required in-services
    • Optional workshops and programs
    • One-on-one consultation regarding academic avenues and choices
    • the Parent Qualifying Course taught through Perry Technical Institute in Yakima, Washington
  • We work to strengthen the family unit because strong families provide positive support for academically-oriented students.
    • We supply opportunities for families to network for discussion
    • We welcome parents to attend and even teach class
    • We promote a philosophy that regards parents as the teachers, and we as their assistants
    • We invite "successful" home educators to share their stories with other families
  • We model creative education
    • by designing our classes for hands-on activities as much as possible
    • by keeping our classes small so every student is actively involved
    • by considering every aspect of our program as a piece of the quality puzzle: appearance, demeanor, voice tone, music, kitchen activity, calendar plan, and respect for all.

Please be aware : Students under 14 must have prior approval from the HomeLink director and the advisor of the class in order to sign up for high school level courses.

Our Students have created a code of conduct. Take a Look.