Homeschool doesn't have to be hard

Curriculum, classroom support, and training for homeschooling families in the Yakima area

  • In-person classes

    Advisors who are experts in their fields supplement your home schooling.

  • Testing services

    Know you are making progress in what you are teaching.

  • High School Transcript

    Students can receive accredited transcripts through our partner, North Atlantic Regional High School.

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The stakes are high

Your kids are worth it. We all know you cannot sacrifice your loved one's education.

At Homelink Yakima, we know the stakes are high - that's why our advisors are down-to-earth, in-depth, and holistic in helping you teach.

Take action today to make sure your student succeeds.


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    In-person classes

    One or two-day a week in-person with excellent advisors.

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    Testing services

    Know your children are making progress in what they are learning

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    High School Transcript

    HomeLink students can get an accredited transcript through our partner, North Atlantic Regional High School.

Getting started is easy

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    You contact us

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    You find the support your student's education needs

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    You secure your student's success

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HomeLink's Purpose is to assist families with homeschooling and to provide support, encouragement, accountability, and training that will enhance the parent's role as parent-teacher. HomeLink's mission is to provide suitable locations, resources, and Advisors that parents can depend on. HomeLink provides classes, projects, and direction for advancing the work of home education.


April Thome

April founded HomeLink and has over four-decades of service in teaching.

Jim leads Homelink today and would be happy to help craft the perfect teaching solution for your family.

Jim Paine

Jim Paine

Contact us today 509-248-6388