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What is HomeLink?

HomeLink is an educational program for students in 2nd grade through High School that blends homeschool with the classroom experience. Classes are small, no larger than 12 to 16 students. Students receive instruction in history, language, spelling, literature, science, and math for 3 to 4 hours per week, or one hour per class per week at secondary levels. Tests, projects, assignments, group activities, reading, and due dates are given during class time. Assignments are completed at home under parental supervision.


April Thome

April founded HomeLink over 20 years ago and has over four-decades of service in education, working as a teacher, principal, advisor, consultant, and so much more. Jon leads Homelink today and would be happy to connect you to the perfect teaching solution for your family.

Dr. Jon Fassett

Jon serves as our Education Director and Business Manager. He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Oregon State University and was previously certified K4-12 in Washington State. Jon and his wife, Emmelia, have nine children and ten grandchildren – so far. They began homeschooling over 25 years ago.


HomeLink’s goal is to design and implement an educational program:

  • that ignites students’ passion for learning
  • that trains and guides parents as they home school
  • that strengthens the family unit
  • and that sets an example of excellent and creative education from every single student/family enrolled

Benefits of HomeLink

  • Minimal negative peer pressure
  • Affordable education, priced at approximately one-half to one-third of private school tuition
  • Assistance available from advisors and other parents
  • Work is scheduled by advisors; parents provide one-on-one assistance
  • Upholds strong family values
  • Encourages independent learning skills
  • Practices and enforces goal setting
  • Promotes positive group interaction
  • Builds identity

Key Program Features

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