'21-'22 HomeLink Elementary Music Theater Workshop

Grades 1-5, Mondays, 9:00-2:00; Cost $105/month, September-June

Music and  Historical Theater (Katie Meinzinger and Ann Bowman)

In this portion of the workshop, students will receive training in singing, dance, stage techniques, movement and expression to help them develop as actors and to prepare them for stage productions.

History and Language Arts (April Thome)

Students will read through A Child’s First Book of American History, reading 1-2 assigned chapters  per week and answer questions about their reading. There will also be map work that will help students become familiar with the geography as well as state locations in our nation. For younger students, parents are encouraged to read to or with their children and answer questions orally. Guidance will be given for students to work on grammar skills using the Easy Grammar curriculum.

Hands-on Math (April Thome)

Students in this class will be engaged in hands-on math activities, including games, puzzles, and problem solving. Families may also receive guidance and accountability for math curriculum used in the home.

Elementary Science: Botany

This hands-on, inquiry-based science course will introduce students to the wonderful world of plants. Students will learn to enjoy and appreciate nature by learning to identify seeds, flowers, trees and the environments in which they grow.

Materials fee – $20 (pay to HomeLink)

Easy Grammar student workbook - order the age appropriate level

Teaching Textbook or Saxon are recommended, but students should use the math curriculum that best fits their learning needs. Placement tests are available on curriculum websites. See Science section for information on science textbook needed.



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