KATS Primary Elementary Block (Grades 2*-4) 24-25


Advisor(s): Elementary Advisors

ELEMENTARY BLOCK (Grades 2*- 4) Wednesdays 

*Students should be reading.

Music and Historical Theater (Katie Meinzinger)   

Medieval History will come alive as students prepare three plays set in the Middle Ages/Renaissance.  Students will receive training in singing, dance, stage techniques, movement, and expression.  Music class will also include instrumental music instruction.  Students wanting to enroll in elementary theater must also take music class as most of the musical preparation for our plays occur during music class.  CE

Ancient History (Becca Mailand)

Students will cultivate a deeper understanding of the Middle Ages and The Age of Discovery through in-class hands-on projects and at-home reading from the “Story of The World; Vol 2” and additional literature selections.  CE

Elementary Human Physiology (Becca Mailand)

Students will be using Apologia’s “Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology” to learn about the design of our body systems and how they work together. CE


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