Conversational Spanish

Jessie Mattix

This class is designed to develop basic communication skills. Students will learn correct pronunciation, writing, reading, greetings, alphabet, numbers, dates, time, weather, descriptive adjectives, likes and dislikes. Through a series of projects, students will discover different cultures and celebrations of Spanish-speaking countries. All students enrolling in this class can expect a vivacious, versatile, fun-filled academic experience.

(no textbook) – Materials fee - $30 (pay to Jesse Mattix).

Students will also need a 1” binder, dividers, and a Spanish/English dictionary.


q1-w1 Sp MS Conv

q1 -w2 Sp MS Conv

q1 - w3 Sp MS Conv

q1 -w4 MS Conv

q1 -w5 MS Conversatial

q1 -w6 MS Conv.

q1 -w7 Conversational Assign.

Conv q2 - w1


Conver Spanish