KATS Theater

What is KATS?

KATS Historical Music Theater is an award-winning, highly motivating, hands-on learning program providing classes for homeschoolers beginning with students who are already reading and continuing through 8th grade.

Elementary (grades 2-5) meets separately with different classes during the morning and afternoon. Middle School (grades 6-8) attend classes tailored for them. Students will develop theater skills through puppetry, stage games, and drama productions.

Subjects include:

Focus for 2023-2024 KATS Program: Ancient History

This year, through weekly rehearsal, students will learn the scripts for plays featuring ancient history people and events, such as:

Queen Esther (Persia)
King Midas and the Golden Touch (Greece)
Secrets on the Silk Road (Byzantine Empire to China)

Middle School will read about the journeys of Marco Polo while writing a script about his exploits in the 1200’s. At Christmas, they will perform “The Christmas Truce” featuring an event that happened in the trenches of WW1. In the Spring, students will perform the play they wrote about Marco Polo to different schools and their families.

Awards and Recognitions

Past Performances by KATS Theater

2022-2023: World Cultures & Geography

A German Christmas

The Crane’s Gratitude (Japan)

Small Things: The Story of Mother Teresa (India)

Around the World in 80 Days

2021-2022: American History


Benjamin Franklin

Harriet Tubman

The Wright Brothers

Uncle Sam’s Saga

2020-2021: Renaissance and Age of Discovery

Secrets on the Silk Road (stage performance)

Strength in the Sword (King Arthur – Britain 500 A.D.)

Outrageous Olivia (European Middle Ages Culture)

King Alfred the Great (Early Middle Ages in Great Britain)

2019-2020: Ancient History

King Midas and the Golden Touch (Greece)

 Esther, Queen of Persia

Secrets on the Silk Road (radio production – China, Japan, Arabia, Byzantine)

Flat-Earth Fear (Magellan’s voyage around the world) award winning 

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