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Historical Musical Theater at HomeLink 2022-23 KATS Theater is a highly motivating, hands-on learning program for students ages 6-13.

  • All of the core curriculum – math, science, history and language arts, as well as, music, and theater, are included.
  • Students attend classes once-a-week, then finish their assignments at home.
  • Theater performances align with history and literature studies.

Classes are scheduled as a block available for elementary, grades 1-5 or for

middle school grades 6-8. Students may take the full block of classes or just a single one.

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Awards and Recognitions

Over the past five years KATS theater has grown in quality and distinction.

  • The Yakima School District provided KATS historical theater as an option for their Highly Capable program.
  • KATS theater is award-winning with middle school students earning distinguished recognition from the National History Day Association -




Excellence in a Project on Maritime History

Junior 1st Place Winner

  • the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Washington granted KATS theater $1000, for excellence in American history education


American History year 2021-22


            Benjamin Franklin

            Harriet Tubman

            The Wright Brothers

     Uncle Sam's Saga


World Cultures and Geography year 2022-23

            A German Christmas

            The Crane’s Gratitude (Japan)

            Small Things: The Story of Mother Teresa (India)


Ancient History year 2019-20

            King Midas and the Golden Touch (Greece)

            Esther, Queen of Persia

            Secrets on the Silk Road (radio production – China, Japan, Arabia, Byzantine)

            Flat-Earth Fear (Magellan’s voyage around the world) award winning 


Middle Ages, Renaissance and Age of Discovery year 2020-21

            Secrets on the Silk Road (stage performance)

            Strength in the Sword (King Arthur – Britain 500 A.D.)

            Outrageous Olivia (European Middle Ages Culture)

             King Alfred the Great (Early Middle Ages in Great Britain)


  • Classes are held at the HomeLink facility 14 S. 6th Yakima, located on the corner of South 6th Avenue and West Chestnut.
  • The program begins Wednesday, September 14, 2022.
  • Mandatory KATS Orientation will be held Wednesday, September 14th 8:30 - 9:45am
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"I love that HomeLink creates a safe environment, Kids of all ages are respectful. The advisors go above and beyond for the success of the kids."

"Brilliant job on the performance tonight! April, I can't believe you WROTE that play! And the singing and elementary kids were wonderful! So glad we got that experience! Everything was incredible. Thank you for all your hard work." Thank you, Laura!

"Carol has spent a lot of time telling her 5 year old sister Ella all about the amazingness of HomeLink. They play homelink at home. Ella now has a backpack ready at the door for the day she is ready for HomeLink."

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