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HomeLink Classes

HomeLink offers once-a-week classes that provide guided independent learning for students grades 2-12.  The classes can provide the full home school academic experience or may be considered enrichment classes that extend and deepen learning occurring in your home school. Assignments to be completed at home are given on class days and are turned in the following class day. This provides structure and accountability to the homeschool. Class time is spent with hands-on experiences, explaining new concepts, discussion, and feedback on previous assignments. Through thoughtfully crafted tests, projects, and assignments, we empower students to demonstrate their learning and growth while maintaining the flexible and supportive homeschooling environment HomeLink is known for.

KATS Theater

KATS Historical Music Theater is an award-winning, highly motivating, hands-on learning program providing classes for homeschoolers beginning with students who are already reading and continuing through 8th grade.

Elementary (grades 2-5) meets separately with different classes during the morning and afternoon. Middle School (grades 6-8) attend classes tailored for them. Students will develop theater skills through puppetry, stage games, and drama productions.

Individual & Group Testing

An annual assessment for homeschool students age 8 and up is required by state law.  HomeLink’s comprehensive “testing” services cater to homeschool students, offering both individualized and group assessment options. Group Testing is offered in the late spring of each year for students in grades 3-12. The test covers word study skills, reading/comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, listening skills, and mathematics. Social studies and science are not covered in this assessment. Individual testing is recommended for younger students and for students who have trouble testing in a classroom setting. Individual assessments are usually conducted throughout the summer by appointment only.  Please contact the HomeLink office for more information.

Academic Advising

HomeLink’s knowledgeable staff provides valuable guidance and support to homeschooling students, from 2nd grade through High School, as they navigate their educational journey. With a focus on optimizing learning outcomes in history, language, spelling, literature, science, and math, our class advisors collaborate with students to set goals, track progress, and offer strategic insights, ultimately empowering them to thrive academically and flourish in a flexible educational environment. Throughout the school year we host homeschooling workshops for all grade levels to guide parents with course and curriculum selection, motivation, record keeping, grading, and student feedback. Our popular “Homeschooling the High Schooler” workshop digs deeper into graduation requirements, 4-year plans, transcripts, student resumes, dual enrollment, and college admission. Individual advising can be arranged through the office.


NARHS recognizes and evaluates high school credit whether the student did the work at a school or not. We extend this to include homeschoolers — offering credentials to homeschoolers for their high school work.

We are a state-recognized private school, accredited at the highest level possible in the United States,  offering to evaluate the coursework of high school students (and adults), and upon adequate documentation and evidence, we grant high school credits for homeschool work.

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