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2024-2025 Tuition Payments & Fees

Tuition for classes is based on the complete program from September through June (10 months). This program includes class time, curriculum selection, course development, assignments and worksheets, grading, follow-up with absent students, family support and the cost of overhead. Since the program includes all these areas, tuition is due regardless of class attendance. For your convenience, tuition may be divided into 10 monthly payments. Therefore, there is a payment in June even though no classes are held that month. Tuition payments are due into the office by the 15th of the month. For those received after the 15th, a $10 late fee will be charged. Billings are sent at the end of each month that show parents the amount paid and still owed from the yearly total. Individual classes may also require materials fees which should be paid to the instructor on the first day of classes.

Quarterly reminders are in place to promote timely tuition payments. Student attendance for a quarter will depend on whether tuition payments are current. Registration for the next school year’s classes can be completed only if the previous year’s tuition has been paid in full.

If a class is dropped before the end of a quarter, a drop fee of $25 must be paid. If the class was considered “full,” with a waiting list, the drop fee is $50.

HomeLink will give a discount of 10% off total tuition if paid in full at the beginning of the school year. NO REFUNDS if a class is dropped.

Individual Class Tuition Prices

One hour classes: $480/year or $48/month, September-June (10 months)

One and a half hour classes: $720/year or $72/month, September-June (10 months)

Algebra 1 & Algebra 2: 1.5 hrs (both Tues and Thursday): $720/yr or $72/mo

Spanish 1 & 2 classes: 1.5 hr, plus one-hour lab – $960/yr or $96/mo

Tuesday Block Classes

Middle School Block – $2,100/Year or $210/month, Sept. – June. This block includes Prealgebra, Intro to Spanish, Logic, Basic/Advanced Steps Composition or Intro to Stuctured Creative Writing, Art & Computer.

9th Grade Block – $2,750/Year or $250/month, Sept. – June. This block includes Spanish 1, Algebra 1, Literature, Computer Concepts and Physical Science.

10th Grade Block – $2,900/Year or $290/month, Sept. – June

Wednesday Block Classes

Elementary Block (Grades 2-5) – $1,450/year or $145/month Sept. – June. This block includes Music & Historical Theater, Ancient History & Elementary Science: Astronomy.

Middle School Block (Grades 6-8) – $1,450/Year or $145/month Sept. – June. This block includes Historical Theater, Math Lab, Ancient History w/Literature & Earth Science.

North Atlantic Regional High School - Transcript Services for High School Credits

$100/year HomeLink classes only, or $500 for HomeLink and additional courses

$50/off the full tuition price of $500 if registered by August 31

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