HomeLink Elementary Music Theater Workshop

Grades 1-5, Mondays, 9:30-1:30; Cost $90/month, September-June

Students will cultivate a deeper understanding of the Middle Ages and the Age of Discovery as they prepare musical dramatizations of stories from this historical period. Three formal performances will be conducted.  In preparing for the plays, students will receive lessons in music, drama, art, and history. Homework assignments in history and language arts will be given to enhance learning and provide guidance and accountability for those who need it. We have expanded this program to include science and math.

Music and Drama (Katie Meinzinger and Stephanie Hart)

In this portion of the workshop, students will receive training in singing, dance, stage techniques, movement and expression to help them develop as actors and to prepare them for stage productions.

History and Language Arts (April Thome)

Students will work on projects and stage props to make this period come alive. They will also will work at home on lessons from  Story of the World, vol. 2 and will be given reading assignments from literature set in the Middle Ages. Guidance will be given for students to work on grammar skills using the Easy Grammar curriculum.

Math Lab (April Thome)

Students in this class will be engaged in hands-on math activities, including games, puzzles, and problem solving. Families may also receive guidance and accountability for math curriculum used in the home.

Science (Katie Meinzinger)

Students will be using Apologia's Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology  to learn about the structures and functions of our body systems and how they work together.  Teaser: How does tightening your toes affect your singing voice?